Historic Parasitology Research Herds

Two equine parasitology research herds have been maintained at the University of Kentucky since the 1970s and are unique in the World today. The herds were established by parasitology research scientists Dr. Eugene T. Lyons and Dr. Harold Drudge. One herd is harboring multi-drug resistant parasites and the other has been kept without deworming since 1979. The herds remain an invaluable resource for the parasitology research program today.

We feel privileged to have these horses and ponies available to us and we are determined to maintain these historical herds and continue this long-standing research. State and federal funding to universities are being reduced every year, and equine-specific research grants are very limited. Therefore, we rely heavily on private support. The yearly cost for these herds is $100,000. We hope you will consider donating to our parasitology program so we can continue the research in this area and protect the health and well-being of horses worldwide!

On this page, you will find more information about the historic University of Kentucky Parasitology Research Herds and learn how you can support them.

Parasitology herd